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Looking to share your destination or brand? Interested in portraying a travellers side to your product? We as globe-trotters are able to share it as a personal experience!

We aim to share and inspire readers to travel and explore the world we live in. Whether it be via engaging videography, beautiful photography or blogging, the travelling community and holiday goers will be invited to follow our journey with us.


With the help of social media (e.g. Instagram and Facebook) we allow brands to engage travellers and help increase exposure.

Let us share your destination or brand. We would love to work with you so feel free to contact us!

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“Louise & Max were guests at our Yala safari camp & our Udawalawe safari camp in Sri Lanka & whilst staying with us they videoed, photographed & droned everything in sight. They put together some amazing videos of our camps quickly & professionally. The results were spectacular & I couldn’t recommend them more highly. They are professional & talented. Thanks Louise & Max for a great job. Simon Day, owner Ruhunu Safari Camping, Sri Lanka”

"Louise & Max made a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park and enjoyed an immersive experience with Australia’s largest collection of native mammals, reptiles and birds. With a lean video production, they were completely self-sufficient and provided our team with a great promotional tool for Social Media, in the way of a quality guest-perspective video. I highly recommend any collaboration opportunity with Louise & Max."

"We had the opportunity to work with Louise and Max in March 2017. They were very professional to work with and provided great promotional material through their blog, instagram post and video. Every part of our collaboration was tip top and we are very happy with the results. Most of all we loved having them on tour with!"

‘Louise and Max contacted us to enquire about the possibility of some partnership work.  We were initially cautious, but our experiences working with them were overwhelmingly positive. Their social media presence is extremely wide reaching and professional . Before the safari, communication with Louise was always professional and reliable and helped us to  feel secure about our project. They consulted us in depth to find out more about our company and what we required.  They also offered us advice, based on their extensive experience working with social media. They worked hard during the safari and one of the results was an amazing video of their experience.  This has been used in a variety of ways by Lion King, including our website and has attracted many positive comments. 

Our experience of working with Louise and Max was extremely positive and we would recommend them without hesitation’. 


March 29, 2020

With over 90 recognised hotels scattered across the island, one of the hardest choices, or atleast for us, is WHERE TO STAY? I guess if you have an idea as to what you really want to see or do, this will help dictate where on the island you head, otherwise things might get a little indecisive.

When looking into visiting the island, there is the question as to how long will you be staying as if you give yourself enough time on t...

November 21, 2019

Croatia, a small European gem which sprawls along the eastern coastline of the Adriatic Sea, home to some magnificent heart-warming ancient roman remains, stunning picturesque traditional towns and pristine untouched coastlines. In addition, its 2000 kilometres of rugged coastline is also home to over 1000 Islands, Isles and Inlets. Although city breaks to the likes of Zagreb and all-inclusive getaways to Split, Zadar and Dubr...

January 14, 2018

When visiting Eastern Africa for an unforgettable wildlife encounter, most would head over to the Serengeti in search of the Big Five and the Wildebeest Migration. As the better well known, the more accessible and a cheaper overall experience it is understandable as to why it is the more popular, however having been fortunate enough to now have experienced them both … there are few experiences quite like Gorilla Trekking in th...

January 1, 2018

*Use Promotion Code: TRAVEL18 for a discount when you book with Lion King Adventures*

With so much to potentially see across the North-Western region of Tanzania and so many competitive tour operators offering very similar opportunities, the big question is how best to split up your journey and with who?

Having wanted to maximise our time during our safari across the national parks and conservation areas, we were after more of a...

December 2, 2017

Located on the east coast of Moskenesoy is the small fishing village of Hamnoy which is supposedly the oldest and arguably the most picturesque fishing village in the Lofoten Islands.

Like many other of the original fishing villages across the islands, Eliassen Rorbeur today inhabits 35 of the original traditional fisherman’s cabins on Hamnoy which have been converted into beautiful accommodation for visitors. At the entrance...

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