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    After an overnight train from Bangkok to Nong Khai and another fifteen minute slow train across the Mekong River and over the border, we were in Laos, only forty five minutes from the capital Vientiene. It wasn’t long after our short minivan ride into the capital when we already wanted to move on. With Vientiene being a very underdeveloped capital, there is little to do and so we spent some time visiting the Chinese embassy to enquire about a vietnamese visa, however in getting there we found it closed as we had lost track of days…It was a Sunday. 


   With our bus booked to Vang Vieng the next morning, we used our afternoon to go visit one of the capitals only attractions, an hour away on the local bus. Despite Vientiene not being the nicest of places, Buddha Park was worth a visit, with quite a number of interesting, detailed stone Buddhas and set just off the Mekong river bordering Laos and Thailand.


    Upon returning back to the city centre we had a stroll to their own version of the Arc de Triumph which was at the centre of two long wide roads. It was quite pretty with a couple of fountains in front of it, however nothing that impressive when compared to that of Paris. 



























  Our final and favorite taste of Vientiene was our dinner at Khop Chai Deu where the food was brilliant, as well as being spoilt for choice.

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