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Snowmobiling with Arcanum Glacier Tours

Known while travelling around Iceland, the scenic snow-capped mountains, glaciers and volcanoes are all pretty impressive as you drive past them all along the major routes, however getting out of the comforts of your transport and accommodation and getting up onto these natural beauties to enjoy the extremes of the country is all part of the adventure. As a country of Fire and Ice, it is fascinating to see how close they come into contact with each other and even more impressive when you get to be right on top on a snowmobile!

A unique experience like no other, Arcanum Glacier Tours took us up onto Myrdalsjokull Glacier, an icecap which covers one of Iceland’s largest volcanos, Katla, and is today well over its due date for an eruption.

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With a Caldera of 110km², the 250m thick glacier ice sits in the second largest caldera in Iceland. With a surface area of approximately 600km², the glacier’s thickness does vary reaching mindboggling depths of 750m.

As our first time on snowmobiles, touring the glacier through the thick powdered snow cover was great fun which was topped off with some spectacular views over southern Iceland. One sight in particular worth mentioning, was the sight of the famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano, better known as E15 which erupted in 2010 causing chaos in the aviation world throughout Europe. The thought of there being significant volcanic activity in the area whilst being sat on a large volcano well over its due date was impressive and at the same time interesting when considering its potential eruption in the future and to think we were sat there.


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