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Oz Whale Watching in Sydney!

Whale Watching is one of Sydney’s top activities and is a great 4-hour adventure cruising out to Sydney Heads to experience the migration of Humpback Whales. Although it is one of the main attractions out of Sydney, unfortunately these sightings only happen between the months of May through to November. Migrating from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef and back each year, whale watchers are able to view these gentle giants not only from Sydney but also out from various locations off the east coast of Australia.

The unforgettable Oz Whale Watching experience begins from the Sydney Harbour with a warm welcome by the crew and a number of complimentary drinks. A short mandatory safety briefing was first on the agenda but once we had set sail we were invited to a lovely BBQ buffet lunch of salads, BBQ chicken and sausages as we made our way out of the harbour and past a number of Sydney’s iconic structures before we made it to the open waters. An informative commentary over the mic by a marine biologist and whale enthusiast gave us great insight into the life of these majestic animals, as well statistics, information on their migratory patterns and interesting facts on their behaviour. It is between May and August that they migrate north in small pods to mate and give birth before making the return journey towards the Southern Ocean from September to November.

Spotting the first whale can prove challenging in such great expanses of water, however with the help of the Spotter using the boats height advantage, along with their knowledge and experience they were confident it will not be long until we were cruising alongside them. To make things a bit more interesting a reward would be presented to whoever spotted the first whale with a free beverage … luckily that was us! After spotting the first whale in the distance we were allowed into the bridge with the captain where we luckily remained nice and warm with great views for the rest of the outing.

During our cruise two pods of three whales were sighted, displaying their tail fins and coming up for air every few minutes.

The southern hemisphere humpback migration is estimated to be approximately 16,000 whales this year, with an increase every year, which is good considering they were nearly hunted to extinction 40 years ago.

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