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Best of Sydney Beaches

Australia beaches are more beautiful than I anticipated. It never struck me as a country that would have lovely beaches but I was definitely wrong! Sydney is surrounded by fine white sandy clean beaches with blue waters. The cove beaches are my favourite compared to the long beaches but I'll take any of them any day. What I have noticed is that beaches here do not have bars or restaurants on the actual beach which I find strange after being used to chiringuitos on Spanish beaches!

Bondi Beach Bondi was the first beach we visit back when we were travelling through Australia. It is one of my favourites (probably because I have watched Bondi Vets for a long time), not only because it is a cove but also because the beach front is lined with cool surf shops and restaurants. The negative about Bondi is that parking is expensive ($5-7 an hour) so we take the train in.

Epic Bondi Graffitti

Manly Manly beach is also one of our top beach destinations (for now). The town, also home to many surf shops and restaurants is a lovely area. Like Bondi, however, parking fees are hefty although if you search well enough you will find some free spots like we did :) Manly Wharf Bar located on a deck overlooking the docks on the other side of Manly is a fantastic bar where the sun sets and produces a gorgeous sunset behind the docked boats. Having enjoyed a few drinks during Boxing Day weekend we returned with some friends on New Years Day.

Manly Beach

Manly Wharf Bar Sunset

Sipping on Coronas at Manly Wharf Bar

Wollongong A main town situated on the coast about one and a half hours south of Sydney with long beaches and good waves it is a great spot for surfers. The squeaky white sand is lush.


Located in the Royal National Park on the Cronulla Coast south of Sydney, Bundeena has four beaches to offer. We spent the day soaking up some rays at Hordens Beach, a fairly small beach next to the ferry wharf. Being a National Park out of the city it was quiet and a perfect location to relax and enjoying swimming.

A small bridge connected the walk way to the beach with a river flowing beneath it. by this river were houses which reached the front overlooking the beach. It would be a brilliant place to live.

Brighton Le Sands

La Perouse Having a day off which coincided with my work colegue, we decided to pay La Perouse a visit. With a few restaurants next to the beach we ate at... It took me by surprise the size of the portions and how soft my battered calamari was! Having been exposed to great fish in Spain I miss it quite a bit and this was just perfect.

The beach was a small cove beach with soft white sand (again). It wasn't very busy when we visited because it was a day of the week so it was quiet and chilled out. A great day to work on our tans and relax.


Being a popular beach destination the long stretch of sandy beach extends from Boat Harbour to North Cronulla. We spent the day at North Cronulla Beach. On one side of the beach there are rock pools and a nice long promenade to walk along lined with seafood restaurants.

Dee Why Only 20 minutes north from Manly it has a few restaurants by the beach front and a long beach. It was windy the day we visited so after struggling with the sand for just over an hour we had a few drinks and delicious sweet potato chips with dip at the Sand Bar.

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