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25 Photos Which Will Inspire you to Visit New Zealand!

Having travelled to many countries, New Zealand is still one of my top destinations thanks to its natural beauty and wildlife. Coming across wildlife in their natural habitat is still a great thrill and we always take our time to enjoy these moments. From Orcas swimming 100 metres offshore, to seals basking in the sun in Kaikoura, to being greeted by the local Kia bird on our drive through Arthur's Pass.

New Zealand, situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean comprises of two main islands - North Island and South Island. Having only 4.5 million habitants across the country, the majority being in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with the minority being Maori (indigineous Polynesian people of NZ).

Oh and did I mentioned the stunning scenery?! New Zealand is renowed for its breath taking landscapes and tranquility!

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Seals basking in the sun in the little fishing town of Kaikoura

First sighting of seals on the side of the road on our way to Kaikoura

Fishing on the beach at Kaikoura with the stunning snowy mountain backdrop!

Seal posing for a photograph (Kaikoura)

Fishing boat setting off (Kaikoura)

Beautiful Queenstown


Tongariro National Park

City graffitti in Dunedin

Lone Tree - Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka - one of our top NZ destinations

Arthurs Pass rail road

Franz Josef Glacier


Tongariro National Park

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier - blue ice

Franz Josef Glacier

Tongariro National Park - Lower Tama Lake

Tongariro National Park

Crayfish dinner at The Pier Hotel - Kaikoura

Sky Diving over Lake Taupo - what a thrill!

Magical land of Hobbiton - Mata Mata

Hobbiton - Mata Mata

Reckon it's fake? Well it's not! Lake side view on our way to Queenstown


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