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The Sydney Night Color Run - The HAPPIEST 5K

This five kilometre paint race is the "happiest 5k on the Planet" and definitely puts a smile on everybody's faces. Taking place in numerous cities in Australia and being a global event they have partnered with over 50 charities over the years making kind donations from profits made from the event. This particular event was a Night Run so we were advised to wear black and wear glow sticks. Starting off in our clean black clothes we were welcomed by volunteers launching coloured powder at us at every kilometre. The Sydney run was held around Mrs Macquarie Park and along the course we got a beautiful view of the Sydney Opera House nicely lit up. When we first arrived we had to check in at the designated booths to collect our Color Run t-shirts, head lamp and glow in the dark tattoos. Runners were dressed up in all sorts but mainly coloured tutus. We all got geared up and joined the queue at the start line. At 8pm the race commenced and groups of 300 were released every few minutes (as there were 10,000 runners at the event)

By the time we reached the front we were all reared up and ready to go! Unfortunately at some points we were forced to slow down and walk due to the masses of people but when we got the chance to run we legged it. We came across a powder station at every kilometre, each station dedicated to one colour. A foam machine dispensing large amounts of foam over us made us sticky so the powder would stick to our bodies! Foam machines are always so much fun! Bubbles!

The best thing about this run was that it was not competitive, it was un-timed even though we were each given a running number, and we came across all sorts of people, children, parents with buggies, teenagers and even elderly people. There was just such a good vibe from start to finish. At the finish line we were congratulated by the volunteers on our "great achievement", which we found quite humorous, because boy it was sooo hard...not hehe. The Finish Festival had already started when we arrived back at the venue and it went on until 11pm. Colour powder was handed out to us so the entire crowd could join in on their infamous Color Throws (which were pretty epic!). Everybody was in such a good mood that we all had a great end to the event.


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