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Oktoberfest - worldest largest volksfest!

When flying long haul we always choose layovers in countries we have not visited previously. This time round we choose a flight leaving Gibraltar for our big move to Australia via Germany which gave us the opportunity to have a 10 hour lay over in Munich and luckily without realising we were there to celebrate the closing of Oktoberfest!

Munichs Oktoberfest, held at Theresienwiese, is the largest in the country and is a 16 day volkfest (beer festival and travelling funfair) running from mid-september to the first Sunday of October. Millions of people from all over the world attend this annual festival to indulge in the finest beer. Our bags were already checked in so we hopped on the hour train and found ourselves in the middle of the festival in no time. Crowded with people in good spirit we walked around the fair ground which housed fair rides, traditional side stalls and fames for all ages before sitting down to enjoy a large jug of beer.

Mmmmm cold German beer, one of the best in my opinion and went down like a treat! Waitresses dressed in traditional attire attended the large masses of customers sat in rows. Each tent was chockablock but luckily being only two people we managed to squeeze in.

We shared a bench with a group of Germans who were very friendly and chatted away. This is one of the best things about travelling, the people you meet and their interesting stories :)

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