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Another night bus was again the best option in traveling to our next destination as it meant that no day was lost due to traveling and we could make the most of our limited time in Phonsavan. Arriving at 2:30am meant there was not a single person around and so we had to have a little wonder round the centre to look for a place to stay. With screenshots of a number of guest houses from Agoda and it wasn’t long before we found a place to stay who had availability and offered us a discount for our late arrival. 


With nothing else to do there apart from visit the “famous” Plain of Jars we tried renting a motorbike as it was by far the cheapest option to get there. Unfortunately due to our lie in after our late night, there were no more bikes for rental so our only options was either Tuk Tuk or Bicycle. With it being quite a cold, overcast day and about 14km to Site 1, tuk tuk was our only realistic option. After a lot of haggling we had to pay 120000 Kip for our return journey which was absolutely freezing. After a stressful morning trying to arrange transport to Plain of Jars without getting ripped off, having to visit the “Tourism Police” to register for some unknown reason and paying 30000kip entrance fee to the site, we found it to be very disappointing. With so much talk about this particular attraction and recommended by quite a number of travellers, we had quite high expectations. In all honesty it was a field with a few clusters of large stone jars which are unknown as to how they got there. 

We undoubtedly felt that this detour in our trip was a bit of a waste of time and we would probably not recommend this to anyone. It was a shame after hearing quite abit about this mysterious place but it also meant that we had wasted two valuable days of our journey.

The best part about our stay in Phonsavan was our Indian meal in the evening which was really enjoyable, followed by watching the casting of a film “Doors Below” based on Vietnam.

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