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    With our journey along the east coast having to be kept to a relatively planned schedule, a morning in Noosa was realistically the longest we could stay there. Having made half the journey to the town from Rainbow beach the night before, it meant that by 10am we were at this attractive, vibrant coastal town which had a lot to offer. Known to travellers for its National Park, Everglades and beaches for surfing meant we could not just drive by but at least spend a couple of hours at the national park.
























    Within the park are a number of walks to enjoy the well preserved nature of the area and is where we were able to walk along the coast line up to Hell’s Gate. This route is obviously a popular walk for both travellers and locals as we came across many people doing the same as us making the most of the good weather. As we made our way towards Hell’s Gate the waters became a little too rough for surfers and very windy at the final exposed lookouts where we got greats views of Alexandria Bay. The 3 hour round trip took us from the centre of Noosa all the way out to the most easterly point along raised cliff edges on narrow tracks and past some beautifully secluded beaches which were predominantly enjoyed by surfers. Not too far from the beginning of the National Park on the way back, we were extremely lucky to see our first Koala in the wild (Also happened to be the last) which was just sat up a young eucalyptus tree close to the main path, and as you can well imagine it wasn’t moving very much.






























    Despite the area of Noosa Heads hosting a population of Koalas we felt lucky to see one of these beautiful indigenous animals as their numbers are currently on a decline but are also relatively hard to spot when high up in amongst the trees. Having had a little more time we would have most certainly spent some time on Main beach which looked to be beautifully long, wide beach right alongside the busy but pleasant town centre. After our enjoyable walk along this impressive coastline it was time to say goodbye to Camille and Lori as we made our way down to Steve Irwin’s famous, Australia Zoo.

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