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Wadi Rum


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Dead Sea


Situated among the rugged desert canyons and mountains in Southern Jordan is the world famous, UNESCO world heritage site of Petra. Dating back to potentially as early as 400 BC, it was once the capital and trading centre of the Nabatean empire. Literally carved into the rock, both along narrow canyons and up high on mountain faces, this rock cut architecture which rises a few hundred feet above the ground, created a city cent...

This mesmerizing timeless space is a beautiful region in the south of Jordan which has been virtually untouched by humans due to its harsh, destructive conditions. Over thousands of years, the relentless combination of the strong winds and fine sand has carved out a maze of imposing, monumental rockscapes which scatter the vast empty space of Wadi Rum.

The only people who inhabit this region are those from the original Bedouin...

Although large cities are not what really drives our travel obsession and never really at the top of our itinerary, Amman left us a little pleasantly surprised and gave us quite a bit more than what we had anticipated.


The historical Amman Citadel is probably one of the most visited attractions within the city and was well worth the visit. Raised above the much built up surrounding city, this ancient site of Rabbath-Amm...

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