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January 14, 2018

When visiting Eastern Africa for an unforgettable wildlife encounter, most would head over to the Serengeti in search of the Big Five and the Wildebeest Migration. As the better well known, the more accessible and a cheaper overall experience it is understandable as to why it is the more popular, however having been fortunate enough to now have experienced them both … there are few experiences quite like Gorilla Trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park!

Mountain Gorillas are one of two sub-species of the Eastern Gorilla (the other being Eastern Lowlan...

January 1, 2018

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With so much to potentially see across the North-Western region of Tanzania and so many competitive tour operators offering very similar opportunities, the big question is how best to split up your journey and with who?

Having wanted to maximise our time during our safari across the national parks and conservation areas, we were after more of a tailor-made safari which focused on our preferences in terms of the parks, accommodation and animals as opposed to a standard pre-plan...

December 2, 2017

Located on the east coast of Moskenesoy is the small fishing village of Hamnoy which is supposedly the oldest and arguably the most picturesque fishing village in the Lofoten Islands.

Like many other of the original fishing villages across the islands, Eliassen Rorbeur today inhabits 35 of the original traditional fisherman’s cabins on Hamnoy which have been converted into beautiful accommodation for visitors. At the entrance to the Fiord of Reinefjord, Eliassen Rorbeur is relatively sheltered and surrounded by some of the most jaw dropping scenery imaginable...

December 1, 2017

The Norweigian fjords have forever portrayed Norway as a country of natural beauty, with its magnificent dramatic landscapes surrounded by many deep narrow waterways which meander inland off the North Atlantic Ocean. With such a magnificent coastline which stretches the entirety of the country, there was a need to pick out a specific region which was feasible to explore and enjoy within a week.

As the geographical centre of Lofoten, and with so much to do and see in Vestvagoy, there was no doubt that we would stay somewhere on the island but the question was...

May 18, 2017

Vatnajokull Glacier, the largest glacier in both Iceland and Europe, displays fascinating ice caves.  Like GoEcco Eco Tours describes "It’s like standing under a frozen blue ocean or in a frozen cathedral surrounded by millions of shades of blue". Vatnajokull Glacier has a surface area of approximately 8000km² which covers 8% of the Island. It’s thickness is equally impressive as its average is between 400-600m but in certain areas does reach depths of almost 1000m!

"It’s like standing under a frozen blue ocean or in a frozen cathedral surrounded by millions o...

May 12, 2017

Known while travelling around Iceland, the scenic snow-capped mountains, glaciers and volcanoes are all pretty impressive as you drive past them all along the major routes, however getting out of the comforts of your transport and accommodation and getting up onto these natural beauties to enjoy the extremes of the country is all part of the adventure. As a country of Fire and Ice, it is fascinating to see how close they come into contact with each other and even more impressive when you get to be right on top on a snowmobile!

A unique experience like no other...

May 8, 2017

Yes the Golden Circle may be done under your own accord and in your own hire car but that however unfortunately does not come with a walking, talking encyclopedia who is rich in knowledge and experience and able to give you a real in-depth insight into the history of Iceland as well as it’s active dramatic landscape which is so unpredictable.

The Golden Circle is not just literally the 5 top attractions dotted along the loop but as well as everything in between. With so much history and such an amazing and contrasting landscape which is persistently changing,...

May 7, 2017

Located within the Thingvellir National Park, it is the only place on earth where you have the unique opportunity to dive between two tectonic plates (Eurasian and North American). The clarity and colours of these waters is mesmerizing and is difficult to put into words in order to do it any form of justice.

 Thingvellir National Park

The snorkelling itself, the time we spent in the water, was close to 40 minutes, however it felt no longer than 5 minutes. From the second we stepped foot into the fissure to when we stepped out, we were both in complete awe and u...

February 3, 2017

As such a Diverse Country and so much to see and enjoy, to put it very simply our trip was divided up into Beaches, Safaris and the Mountains. Having read up about the country, these three categories seemed very obvious and made our journey much easier to organise.

Known for its beautiful, tropical beaches, it was vital we spent a substantial amount of time hopping along the South-East Coast jumping in and out of TukTuks and enjoying as many of their iconic beaches as possible. Having enjoyed the very scenic train journey from Colombo down to Galle it was time...

January 20, 2017

Famous for its herds of elephants, water buffalo, sambar deer and leopards, Uda Walawe National Park was the third and final stop of our must visit National Parks whilst in Sri Lanka. As one of the countries pride and joys and supposedly a park which is able to compete with the East African National Parks and Reserves, there was great anticipation.

WATCH Our Udawalawe National Park VIDEO!

After an unforgettable experience In Yala National Park, we continued our adventure with Ruhunu Safari Camping. Fortunately, unlike Yala National Park, you are able to camp w...

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