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australia zoo

    With Steve Irwin being one of my childhood heroes as I grew up, when visiting Australia, a day at his zoo was always a must. Having watched every episode of his on TV as well as his movie, visiting his zoo felt a little surreal as there were a number of recognisable areas throughout the park which were documented in his show.






















    The quality of the zoo is evident from the moment we walked in with every enclosure and public area extremely well maintained. The enthusiasm shown by the staff along with their belief in their work is a testament to the incredible work carried out by Steve to raise awareness and protect Australia’s amazing wildlife.


    Throughout the zoo, we were able to get up close to many of the indigenous animals but the fact that we were able to interact with both the kangaroos and Koalas was pretty awesome. Each and every enclosure was made to replicate each animals natural habitat as much as possible and was done with a sufficient amount of space for the animals to move about.




























































    Going to the zoo and not spending some times with the Crocs would be like going to steak house and not eating a steak. With one of Steve’s greatest passions being the Australian Crocs, it was definitely my greatest excitement when visiting his zoo, and it was soon evident as to why he had this excitement and enthusiasm. The talks given at the enclosures on each of the crocodiles really gave a true insight into these animals and a little lesson to those people who have some unjustified hatred towards them.



























Crikey !!! those Salties really are mesmerising creatures for those who are truly into their Australian wildlife.








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